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Trailblazer Broadhead 125 gr. (3pk)

Trailblazer Broadhead 125 gr. (3pk)

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Like our Trailblazer 100 GR expandable broadhead, Excalibur’s TRAIL BLAZER 125 GR MECHANICAL BROADHEADS are the natural choice when you need outstanding long-range accuracy delivering deep penetration and a massive blood trail – The perfect combination of Fast , Accurate & Deadly!

  • Massive 2” cutting diameter
  • Bigger a faster blood trails without sacrificing dependability or accuracy
  • Flatter trajectory with zero planning and less drag.
  • Heavy Duty aluminum construction w/ chisel tip cut on contact design.
  • Dynamic blade control system – Controls each blade expansion independently. Adjusts to resistance during penetration to prevent blade breakage.