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ProFlight Arrows
ProFlight Arrows

ProFlight Arrows

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Constructed using the highest quality carbon fiber with .001” straightness and +/- 1 grain weight tolerances, the PROFLIGHT ARROWS will ensure repeatable accuracy which is everything for confidence and success.

  • High quality carbon fibre
  • .001″ straightness tolerance
  • +/-1 grain weight tolerance
  • 2″ Blazer vane with a 3 degree offset for optimal arrow flight
  • White cresting allows for easy shot placement verification and arrow recovery
  • Consistent arrow flight
  • Available in standard flat back or illuminated



22EXP20-6- 20" Proflight Arrows

22EXP18-6- 18" Proflight Arrows

22EXP16-6- 16.5" Proflight Arrows


22EXP20IL-3- 20 " Proflight Arrows 

22EXP18IL-3- 18" Proflight Arrows

22EXP16IL-3- 16.5" Proflight Arrows