Assassin Extreme
Assassin Extreme
Assassin Extreme
Assassin Extreme

Assassin Extreme

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Fully Integrated Features, Performance, and Durability

The Assassin Extreme brings all the Excalibur world-renowned durability and reliability into a high-performance unit with fully integrated features. As with the entire Assassin line, the Assassin Extreme features the Charger Crank System, Micro High-Output Express limbs, and Pro-Shot, 2-stage Trigger. The Assassin Extreme boasts a reduced overall weight for maximum maneuverability and comfort. All this, plus 400 FPS of bone-crushing power.


SPEED (UP TO):   400 FPS
WEIGHT:   7.4 lbs.
DRAW EFFORT:   15 lbs.


INTEGRATED CHARGER CRANKThe Charger Crank System is the world's first dead-silent integrated crank and is the safest means of de-cocking the crossbow. It also enhances accuracy by ensuring flawless string alignment at every shot.

PRO-SHOT TRIGGER This two-stage trigger system mirrors the performance and feel of today’s best match-grade rifle triggers. Its light pull weight combined with its crisp, clean, and consistent break simply makes you more accurate.

MICRO HIGH-OUTPUT EXPRESS LIMBS – The Micro High-Output Express Limbs feature reinforced Armor Tips and are made from 100% continuous uncut fibers. The result is maximum energy and extreme durability in a low-profile limb.

R.E.D.S. SUPPRESSORS – R.E.D.S. Suppressors can be strategically positioned to substantially reduce shock, vibration, and noise.

INTEGRATED STOCK GRIP – The integrated stock grip provides positive hand placement for a sure grip while cocking or decocking in any condition.

FIXED RAISED CHEEK PIECE – A fixed raised cheek piece provides a comfortable and stable cheek rest on either the right or left side of the stock. Additionally, it provides a consistent eye-to-scope alignment for quick aiming.

BIGFOOT STIRRUP – Cold weather means heavy clothing and boots. Most crossbow stirrups do not allow inserting a thicker weight boot. The Bigfoot Stirrup accommodates nearly any size boot for a safe hold on the crossbow while cocking or decocking.

INTEGRATED CRANK HANDLE STORAGE – The integrated crank handle storage provides a dedicated place for the crank handle when not in use. No more losing the handle somewhere in a backpack or worse in the field. Now, it's accessible within inches.



Package Includes

  • Tact100 Scope
  • 30MM Scope Rings
  • R.E.D.S. Suppressors
  • NO SDS
  • 4-Arrow Quiver
  • (4) Quill 16.5 Arrows
  • (4) 100GR Field Points
  • Fail Safe Strap
  • Owners Manual